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SPF Management

Create and modify SPF records is easy and no longer involves detailed knowledge in DNS servers. Also you don't have to worry about syntax of SPF - all your records will be valid. And the best is: with SPF Guru you are no longer under the constraints of the 10 query limit. Learn more

Sender Monitoring

Transparency is key, when dealing with technology. The Sender Monitoring feature of SPF Guru allows you to gain valuable insight on who is sending e-mails on your behalf. Both authorized and unauthorized. All you have to do is to delegate your SPF record to us and you will see: knowledge is power. Learn more

Lifecycle Management

The domain portfolio of your company is constantly growing? And you see providers coming and going every other week? You believe there is a difference in technical and functional ownership of systems? SPF Guru allows you to delegate parts of the process to the business while keeping an oversight with the Lifecycle Management feature. Learn more