Lifecycle Management

At SPF Guru, we know that everything is a process. In many cases, the administrative staff managing SPF records are not identical to the ones requesting the change. Adding new mail providers to the list is straightforward, but who is responsible for removing a provider? How do you ensure accountability and avoid copy and paste errors?

These are the types of inefficiencies that can block legitimate user communications and open up loopholes for scammers. SPF Guru resolves these issues by offering a complete SPF lifecycle management system. It allows smooth handling of change requests, an audit trail, instant restores of older record versions and even delegation of ownership, all in a simple web interface that can be used by the business side of the house and not just IT professionals.

Product Owners

A product, at least in terms of SPF Lifecycle Management, is a program or service operated by your company that uses email as a communication channel. Examples for such products can be the monthly newsletter, an externally hosted fulfillment service or a cloud provider that manages job postings and applications.

Each product in your organization likely already has a dedicated product or business owner who is responsible for its operation. Their job is to coordinate all activities needed to keep the product contributing to the business, and behind-the-scenes email details are usually not top priority. These people are most often not from IT, but rather working for other departments. While they have the need to regularly add new entries to the SPF record or remove old ones, it is most often the IT staff actually performing these changes on the DNS servers. Like with any large operation where there is a physical disconnect between the team requesting work and those making it happen, this system introduces many opportunities for an important job to “fall between the cracks.”


The Lifecycle Management feature of SPF Guru allows delegating parts of the work directly to the responsible party. We believe the best way to reduce errors and improve efficiency is to let product owners view and change all the SPF settings for their own products. That includes adding/removing a SPF directive for the provider they are managing and even adding domains to their product. Just as important, with our complete audit trail and full backup restore ability, your IT staff can maintain complete oversight of the system, while freeing up significant time to resolve other issues.

One of the major problems with standard SPF records is that the business component is usually quick to mention when entries need to be added to the SPF record, but once an email provider has been dismissed, it can take much longer to submit a removal change request. If it’s sent at all. Even when the request comes in promptly, how can IT be sure there are no other product that the dismissed provider was in charge of?

With SPF Guru Lifecycle Management, a product owner receives an automated reminder on a regular basis asking them to confirm that a particular email provider is still in use. Not responding to these reminders or confirming that the product has been discontinued sends an alert for the IT staff to start cleaning house. If there are two different products using the same email provider and only one of these products is discontinued, the provider would remain active in the SPF record.